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Related post: Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 15:44:49 -0700 (PDT) From: Henry Brooks underage lolitas xxx pics Subject: The Tales of Rick and Alec Tale Two: On The BusThe Tales of Rick and fotos voyeur lolitas negras Alec Tale Two: On The BusThe big bus pulled out of the terminal and Rick and Alec sighed with relief. They reclined their seats and hoped to nap before the first stop for lunch on the long road to Georgia. The first hop of the journey free lolitas young xxx was a mere two hours long. They would stop in Bangor for lunch and a pit stop. There 101 lolitas top 100 was a small bathroom aboard, but it was nothing like the facilities of a roadside stop. Rick and Alec knew that dad and lolita pics Greyhound would choose the best places. At any rate, anything would be better than the Tent City, under the South Bridge, which had been home to Alec for many years and home to Rick for two months.The entire trip from start to finish would be along Interstate 95. Alec wasn't sure how he knew this, but perhaps he had read it somewhere."South of Miami," he recited, "I 95 will merge into Route 1 and Route 1 goes all the way down to The Keys. It terminates in Key West at the southernmost point in the Continental USA." Rick didn't bother real lolicon galleries pics to answer. He was looking at Alec and smiling. He was constantly amazed that Alec knew so much. The last grade he had attended was the eighth. Nevertheless Alec was a fountain of information. Rick suspected that Alec ls magazine lolita cp might be the smartest man alive. With an education, who knows nymphet lolitas baby rompl how far he could go.Rick took Alec's hand and laid it on his thigh. Alec moved his palm up lolita news bbs art to Rick's crotch. They were at the back of the bus. There were only the bulkhead seats behind them and they were unoccupied. There was nobody to see them fondling young lolitas pussy photos each other.Rick closed his eyes and tried to doze, but Alec was alert and he had eyed all the passengers as they entered the bus. He lola russian 12 pics was sure the bus would fill as it went further south and stopped in big cities, but for now there were only six people besides themselves and the driver.The first to enter was a woman in her late twenties. She had too much makeup on her face, and Alec had seen her eyeing Rick and him in the terminal. She's a slut, he thought, lolitas modeos on nude maybe even a prostitute. She took a seat in the center of the bus on the right side.The second was a man in his seventies. He carried a paper bag which Alec suspected contained sandwiches and snacks. illegal preteen lolita cp Alec chided himself for not thinking to do the same thing. He vowed to buy some snacks at little lolli girlies ls the first stop. He concluded that the man was a widower, and he was going to visit one of his children, and probably grandchildren, free lolita rape gallery for Christmas. Hence the happy grin, which never left his face. He took a seat about three lolita great free bbs rows back behind the driver.The other four people were two couples search keywords lolitas bbs who seemed to be travelling together. They were ukrainian angels little lolita in their thirties, and Alec heard them say that they were getting off in Bangor. He figured that they were related and also going home for Christmas. They sat across the aisle from each other in the row behind the elderly man.The yong asian lolita models bus driver was about fifty. He was portly and all business and efficiency, but he had a pleasant lil lolitas top 100 face. He smiled a lot and Alec loved the way his eyes crinkled when he grinned. Alec had pay lolitas mamadas amateurs to wonder why he lolita underage sex pics was working on Christmas Eve, and he concluded that he was single and had no family. Alec suddenly felt sorry for him and determined to befriend him when they stopped for lunch. This being Christmas Eve, Alec yougest nude lolita ever figured that there would be very few ukranian angels download lolita new passengers the rest of this day teen loli sexy girls and tomorrow. By the day after Christmas they would be below New Jersey and top preteen lolita free probably the bus would fill up.About a half hour into preteen lol sexy sites the trip, they bd sisters loli pics were already on I 95. Alec was finished analyzing the other passengers. He was already bored and Rick had dozed off. He would have gone up front to sit behind the driver to strike up a conversation, but a big printed notice over the front windows prohibited him. DO NOT SPEAK TO DRIVER WHILE BUS IS IN MOTION it warned. Rick was seated at the window and Alec was on the aisle. He got up and took the window seat in front of Rick.Alec was surprised to see that it was snowing. He hadn't seen a threat of it at breakfast. He became free lollita xxx sex mesmerized by the swirling flakes. He glanced forward and could see the windshield wipers grinding hard to keep up with the wind tossed flakes. The driver didn't seem to be bothered at all. Alec closed his eyes, and tried to doze. He never fell asleep, but his eyes were closed for quite awhile. When he opened them the snow had stopped, but the sky was full of the kind of clouds that Alec recognized as "snow clouds." He returned to his seat. He took Rick's hand and laid it on his crotch. He wondered when they would make love again.When the bus entered the rest stop in Bangor, the old man and the two couples removed some carry on bags, said goodbye to the driver and left the bus. preteen nonude fashion lol little lolita sluts nude The woman made no move to get up, but Rick and Alec did. The driver was standing at the door helping his passengers to negotiate the steep steps getting off the bus."Is it safe to leave my guitar on the bus, young asian lolitas nude Tim?" Alec asked. He took a look at the driver's name tag. Timothy Sanders."Perfectly safe," Tim said. I'll lock the bus. We have an hour here. I'll come and get you when it's time to go.""It would be nice," Alec preteen lolitas pic pay added if you would have lunch with Rick and me. We are only going to share a sandwich.""Tim looked shock. "My pleasure," he answered. "You go on ahead. I want to ask the lady if she's getting off the bus because I want to secure it. If she wants to stay on board, I'll lock her in."The rest stop consisted of a small hotel and a restaurant. They needed to go through the hotel lobby to reach the restaurant. Rick paid no attention, but Alec was pleased to see that the old man and the two couples were met by loving family members.They visited the restroom first, but hurried out to get to the restaurant before Tim got back. They told the restaurant hostess that there would be three of them, and she sat them at a table for four. art nude ukrainian loli Before she left she put three menus on the table.It took a few moments for Tim to arrive. He looked totally perplexed. "Sorry guys," he said, "I'm kind of confused. When I approached that lady, she was sound asleep. I woke her up and when she looked around she bolted out of the bus. It was like she wasn't supposed to be there. Anyway I locked the bus, and I'm not sure we'll see her again. She didn't have any luggage stowed below. None of you passengers did."The waiter came over and Tim ordered a tuna salad sandwich on rye with a cup of coffee. Alec ordered an egg salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato, and Rick ordered a cup of coffee."Excuse me a moment," Tim said. "I forgot something. He got up and spoke to the waiter and returned immediately. "Do you mind if I ask you guys a personal question?" The two men raised their shoulders to indicate that he could. "Are you guys a couple?"Alec laughed. "Is it that obvious?""I'm afraid so. There's a whole lot of love passing back and forth between you. Besides, my gaydar never lies.""You're gay, then?" Rick asked."Yes, I am boys, and I've never been ashamed to admit it. Now tell me how you two met."Rick related his story of how he was 11 loli photo models forcibly thrown out of his house, and Alec told a lolita bbs portal him about his father's fatal accident. They told him how they both ended up living with other homeless souls underneath a bridge. Now they were trying to get away to a better life. There were tears in Tim's eyes."How about you?" Alec asked. "Why are you working on Christmas Eve?"I'll give you the condensed version, men. I met my lover when we were both twenty and working in a preteen nude russian lolitias department store. We had thirty glorious years together. He died two pretten lolitas nude portal months ago of underage little lolitas modeling stomach cancer. Neither of us has any family, and even though I have good friends, they have their own lives. I've been pretty lonely, and I volunteered to work tonight so that some family man could have his Christmas. We have a couple of short pit stops after lunch, but we'll preteen lolita model sites stop for dinner in Manchester and after that when we stop in Boston, I'll be relieved by another driver."Rick and Alec knew that they would have several drivers before reaching Georgia, but they would be sad to see Tim go. The waiter brought their food. He put down a cup of coffee and a full sandwich in front of each of them. Rick was about to say that he didn't order anything when Tim put his hand on Rick's arm. "Please," he said. "It's on me. Let's say it's a Christmas present."Rick wanted to object, but he decided this kind gesture required him to be gracious. "Thank you," he said.After lunch, they were walking back to the bus through the hotel lobby and stopped short. The lady from the bus had her arm through the arm of a much older man. lolita models bbs list They were nude lolita model russian waiting at the elevator."I guess she got what she was after," Alec whispered."I wish it was us going up to a hotel room," Rick murmured."It looks like it's going to be just the three of us on the bus, gents," Tim observed.When free lolita nudesbikini models they left the terminal to go outside, it was snowing rather hard. In fact visibility was very poor."This is not good," Tim said. He pulled out his cell phone and made a call to the state police. He identified lolita models free pics himself and asked if it was safe to proceed. He listened intently and every once in awhile he said, "I see."He turned to Rick and Alec. "The troopers have advised us not to leave. The snow is coming from the south and it's a real blizzard. In fact parts of I 95 are closed. Hold on a sec." He walked away so that Rick and Alec could not hear him, and he made another call. When he returned he teen lolitas cp nude had a huge grin on his face."It looks like you are going to get your wish Rick," lolita dark collection tgp he said. "I called Greyhound and when I told them the situation and said that I only needed two rooms, they preteen nudism, preteen lolitas authorized me to charge our rooms to them." Rick and Alec looked at each other and grinned broadly. "If we are lucky, we'll be able to leave early tomorrow morning," Tim continued. "There isn't much to do around here to kill time until dinner.""It's past check in time. If we can get the room now," Alec said, "I can think of bbs little loli puss lots to do.""I'm jealous," Tim said. "Let's go to the desk and see what we can do."Wait," Alec said. "If they have a double room with two beds, or one king sized, I think we can agree on only charging Greyhound for one room."Tim was stunned. "Are you sure?" he asked."Absolutely," they answered in lolita girls pic galleries unison. Tim put an arm around each young man and said, "Then let's go get a room, and let me thank God for the best Christmas gift I have ever received.""We have to get our gear from the bus," Alec reminded everyone in his usual practical manner."Yes, I have an overnight bag on board also," Tim echoed.They entered the room which had two queen size beds. Tim glanced into the bathroom. The shower is only big enough for one," he lamented. "Who wants to go first?" Nobody answered so Tim said, "I guess I will then." He started to undress so Alec and Rick did also. As soon as Tim was naked, he hesitated before heading to the showers. The wise man knew that Alec and Rick would want to check him out. lolita free top list Tim was overweight and a layer of fatty skin covered some of his cock. His manhood did not appear to be more than a little under average. But when he lifted the fatty skin, wow. His cock was revealed. It was much fatter than either of the two young lovers, russian model cp lola and it was nearly six inches flaccid."You'll do nicely," Rick said. board image loli site His mouth was watering. "Get yourself cleaned up, and don't loli 15 yo hentai stay in the shower forever. We're wasting time."Seven or eight minutes later, Tim came out of the bathroom, drying himself. His staff was at half mast. Rick ran to the bathroom to shower next. Alec sat down on the edge of one of the beds and motioned to Tim. Tim came over to Alec who immediately consumed Tim's cock into his eager mouth. Instantly Tim was hard. After just a few short strokes of Alec's educated tongue, Tim real little lolitas free pulled out."Please," he said. It's been so long. My partner and I didn't have sex for months during his illness and I haven't had sex since he died. I don't want to cum yet. I hope you boys will let me be the lucky guy in the middle."Alec's infectious grin enveloped his face. hot preteen lolita model "Tim, baby, this is your afternoon. Rick and I have a lifetime together." Tim leaned down and kissed Alec passionately on the lips. Just then Rick came out of the shower."Hey," he yelled, "don't start without me." Alec smiled and went into the bathroom."Alec said I could be in the middle. Is that alright with you?" Tim asked Rick."Tim, honey," Rick answered, "before this day and night are over, we'll each lolitas fresh young teens have a go at the middle position." lolita teen nymphet nubile He walked over to little lolita in thongs Tim and tiny lolita boys model kissed him. Tim fell to his knees and took Rick's erect cock inside of his mouth. He stopped after a few strokes and said, "That's just a sample, sweetie."When Alec came out of the shower, he took the lube out of his knapsack. He looked at Tim and said, "Rick and I are monogamous and don't use condoms. You are the first guy we have shared our bed with. Are you safe little lolita sex tgp or do we need to dress and lolitas brasil videos teens find a drug store in this hotel?"Tim laughed. "I told you. incest taboo lolita preteen My partner and I were monogamous also and I haven't been with anyone since he died. Going commando would be my preference."With no hesitation, lolita preteen underage sites Rick lay down on his back naked lolas loli fotos and raised his legs. lolitas kds bbs pedo Alec lubricated his ass and then rubbed lube all over Tim's huge uncut cock. He helped Tim to enter Rick's waiting love canal, and when he was all the way in, Alec began to grease Tim's ass. "Gerry, my late partner, was bigger than anyone I ever saw," Tim informed them. "Unless I've shrunk, you won't need much of that stuff." Nevertheless, Alec greased Tim generously and then rubbed some lube on his very erect cock. nymphet lolita website debate As Tim had promised, Alec entered him too easily. He feared that there would not be enough friction to underage preetens lolitas galery bring him little lolitas tgp movies to climax, but he needn't have worried. When Tim felt that Alec was in to the hilt, he constricted his ass and he was thai lolitas hard pics tight enough for Alec.Alec started stroking first and then Tim picked up the rhythm. When Alec and Tim had established the metronome like rhythm, Rick began to rise up and down with them. Even though Tim was thirty years lolitas kids non nude older than they, lolita nude tops bbs he was so love starved, he came first, followed shortly by Alec. Rick was close to cumming, but he didn't, so when Tim pulled out of him, he immediately went down on Rick and sucked him to climax.They switched positions every board dorki info loli hour or so. The first switch had Alec japan lolita xxx teen18 on his back, Rick in the middle and Tim on top. The third time around, Tim was done cumming for the day, and he took the bottom position with Alec in the middle and Rick on top. free lolita videos teens After the third round, they were all exhausted and fell asleep in one bed. Alec woke first and fortunately he was at the prelolita free 10 yo edge of the bed. Tim was in the middle and Rick was against the wall. He got out of bed and looked at his watch. It was 5 PM. Then he opened the curtain a little and looked out. It was still snowing, but it was not blowing so much.He decided to shower again and dress for dinner. When he got out of the bathroom, he looked at his two companions and smiled. Tim was giving Rick a blow job, and Rick was fully hard and moaning softly. little nude nudist lolitas Alec decided not to interrupt, until he heard Rick scream out as he came yet again."Great job," Alec said to Tim, and he began to applaud. Rick and Tim turned red. You very kids sexy lollitas guys should shower again so we can go down for dinner.They entered the hotel dining room at 6 PM. Tim young baby lolitas nude told them that they should order a Christmas dinner because it was on him and they were not to object. It was his pleasure. They were not in a financial position to top lolita bbs biz argue. Tim saw the prostitute at a dinner table with her john. He excused himself and went over to ask her if she would be reboarding the bus since her ticket was to Boston. She politely told him she would make other arrangements. Tim was secretly delighted. He and his two saviors would be alone on the bus, at least until Manchester.The three of them ordered turkey with cranberry lolita cute child nacked sauce and candied yams. It hadn't been tiny lolitas top tpg that long ago that Rick had enjoyed such a meal but for Alec the memory was distant. As they were waiting for a dessert of apple pie ala mode, Tim called the highway patrol."Good news," he said. "The storm is moving north of us and the crews are clearing the highway. They expect to be reopened all the way south of here by 3 or 4 in the morning. What say, we get a wake up call about 4 AM and get going. We can have breakfast in Manchester, instead of dinner. Boston was not supposed to be a food stop, just a place to board and disembark passengers, and change drivers. You guys will have lunch there.""I lolita dark bbs loli say, let's go for it," Rick said, and Alec nodded in agreement."Will you dine with us?" Alec asked Tim in mock fashion."Yes guys, I'll have breakfast in Manchester with you, but Boston is my home and I'll say goodbye to you there. I want you to know I'll never forget you and what you did for me. You have my gratitude forever." Tim took his card out of his wallet and gave it to Alec. "This is where you can reach me. When you get settled, I'd appreciate if you would write or call me and let me know how you guys are making out. I kind of wish I could little nude lolita free be your father."Both young men had tears in their eyes. Each of them took one of Tim's hands and squeezed it, knowing they would do loli 12 years pedo more when they were back in their room. Unfortunately, Tim was all done out and declined any further sexual favors. However, he begged them to either fuck him or let him go down on them. Alec opted for a blow job, and while Tim was blowing him, Rick fucked Tim. Both of them had yet another fantastic orgasm.They left at 5 AM and by midnight of the following day, they were on the New Jersey Turnpike near the Delaware border. The bus was now at least three quarters full. Earlier that day, in Red Bank, NJ two middle age preteen nonnude lolitas nymphets men got on the bus and took the two seats across the aisle from Alec and Rick. They were very outgoing and introduced themselves immediately as Ken and John. They also let the guys know that they were going to Key West on a two week winter vacation."The only reason we are taking the bus," John said, "is that Wimpy here is afraid to fly.""Where are you guys going?" Ken asked."We're going little girls hq lolita to Georgia to begin with. After that, we'll see. Just not sure," Rick said."Vagabonds are you?" Ken asked."Are 3d lolita hardcore incest you sitting way back here for the same reason we are?" John asked, arching his eyebrows. Alec and Rick did not feel like answering. These guys were beginning to annoy them. "We promise not to peek," John continued, and if 12yr nude little lolitas we do, we promise not to tell." More silence from the other side of the aisle.After the Red Bank stopover, the bus resumed its trek on preteen lolitas innocent lolitas the highway. The next stop was a couple of hours away in Dover, Delaware. As lolita kds bbs sun soon as the driver hit the highway, he shut the lights so that anyone who wanted to sleep could do so. Alec and Rick reclined their seats, put their shoulders together and closed their eyes. They actually fell asleep.Alec, sitting on the aisle, was awakened by strange noises. They seemed to be coming from Ken and John. He glanced over at them. John was down on Ken greedily sucking his partner's cock. Ken's eyes were closed pthc rompl lolita dorki and he was making some weird noises, while John was making slurping noises.Alec was instantly aroused and free lolicon anime porn he poked Rick in the ribs. He put his hand on Rick's mouth to prevent him from making any noise. When Rick seemed to be aware of lolitas pre tens model his surroundings, Alec whispered for him to look across the aisle. It was difficult for the two of them not to stare so they did. They were shocked to hear Ken ask, "Do you guys want to join lolita pics lolita board us?"Rick whispered in Alec's ear. "I'd rather wait lolita forum ls series for the next pit stop and do it in a bathroom stall.""No thanks," Alec answered Ken. 1000 pics nude lolitas Do you mind if we watch?""Not at all." It was John who answered.Ken felt compelled to offer nude lolitas in panties an excuse. "After all, we're on vacation," he murmured.Until loli lolita 12 yo Alec and Rick reached Georgia, they could not get rid of John and Ken. At every food stop, they sat down at their table and they even followed them into the rest rooms."Aren't you going to let us see what you've got?" they teased the boys. Alec and Rick did a good job of remaining stoic, and breathed a sigh of relief when they reached their last stop in Georgia.The afternoon temperature was in the mid fifties. lolita nymphlets teen porn The two lovers free lolita sex movies could not believe that it could be so temperate in the winter. They asked someone at the pit stop if there was a YMCA in town. Unfortunately there was not, but they would find one in Jacksonville about fifty miles south of there.The men thanked him and smiled at each other. "Well," Rick said, let's see how lucky we are at hitch hiking. They had kept clean shaven, and bathed, and had clean clothes. They were in fact beautiful, and they were to find out that hitch hiking would be a snap for them.They went down to the highway, stuck out their thumbs and prayed for the best.
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